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Alexander Tatarski

Alexander Tatarski is an animation producer, director and screenwriter and the founder and managing director of Pilot Animation Studios. Pilot Animation, established in 1988 in Moscow, is Russia's first privately owned animation studio. The studio is the country's biggest producer of animation as well as home to a world-renowned school for animators.

Under Mr. Tatarski's creative direction, Pilot Animation has become the most celebrated film studio in Russia with more than three hundred and fifty awards and prizes. Every film that has been produced at the studio has been an award winner including two nominations for the Oscar, a Palme D'or from the Cannes IFF, Russia's Nika, TEFI, Golden Eagle and Golden Ostap awards and numerous other grand prizes from festivals throughout the world.

Mr. Tatarski's filmography consists of more than fifty works of animation including such popular films as "The Clay Crow", "Last Year's Snow Kept Falling", "Kolobok's Investigation", and "The Private Lives of the Pilot Brothers". His claymation opening for the TV program "Good Night, Kids" has been airing for more than twenty-five years, making it the Guinness Book of World Records' holder for the most aired cartoon. Currently Mr. Tatarski is the creative director for "Gem Mountain". The series, a collection of fifty-two animated folk tales from the peoples of Russia, is the largest animation project in Russian animation history.

With his animated film production for Ted Turner's TBS in 1986, Mr. Tatarski became the first director in the USSR to produce animation for a western client.

Since 1995 Alexander Tatarski has been the president of the Russian Animation Film Festival.

In recognition of his distinguished career, Mr. Tatarski was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation" and was a recipient of the Russian State Prize.