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Georgy Vasilyev

General Director

Producer, entrepreneur, and musician Georgy Vasilyev is the general director of Aeroplane Productions.

Mr. Vasilyev's career as both a businessman and artist is marked by his ability to continually break new grounds in the development of the growing Russian market.

In the world of business, Mr. Vasilyev has been the initiator and leader of many large investment projects. Among his accomplishments is the launch of Russia's first futures market on the Moscow commodity exchange (1992-1993), the creation of the "Beeline" mobile telephone network (1994-1996), and the organization of Russia's first production of radiotelephones under the "Goodwin" brand name (1997-1999).

In the world of the arts, Georgy Vasilyev produced the musical "Nord-Ost", Russia's first musical produced to Broadway standards. In spite of the tragedy in the fall of 2002 when the Moscow auditorium in which "Nord-Ost" was being performed was taken captive by terrorists, the musical still holds the record for most consecutive days performed in Russia.

After "Nord-Ost" Mr. Vasilyev brought his producing skills to the world of animation as one of the producers of "Gem Mountain". The series, a collection of fifty-two animated folk tales from the peoples of Russia, is the largest animation project in Russian animation history.

As a musical performer, Georgy Vasilyev has been performing for more than thirty years with Alexey Ivaschenko in their popular singer-songwriter duo. The two have performed throughout the world appearing in concerts, theatrical productions and television broadcasts.